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At Plaster Pro Guys we manage a highly experienced professional team which comprises of skilled solid plasters, painters and stoppers who deal with exterior solid plastering as well as providing the highest quality GIB stopping and finishing services. Our team of qualified plasters and painters are reliable and attend to your needs in the perfect way possible and they work as per the timeline. Our team aim is to take the stress out of the process and allows you to sit back and relax knowing that your plastering will be done in the right manner and in the right time.


Our prices for plastering services are competitive and cover full renovations, home and business repairs. Our team of professionals ensures that the standards of quality in plastering industry are adhered to and this guarantees our customers both reliability and perfect results. Our promise at Plaster Pro Guys is one of uncompromising dedication to both high quality and efficiency for your upcoming residential and commercial property. Contact us on 888-214-4817 to book a free appraisal and quote.

Exterior Plastering services

Solid plastering ; this refers to the application of cement plaster which is at least 12 mm thick and it provides a stylish high quality finish. Solid plaster is durable, soundproof, fire resistant and a good insulator. At Plaster Pro Guys we ensure that surfaces are well covered and the finish created is suitable for painting. Our experts ensure that solid plastering applied provides important insulation cover for wall and it protects the surface from weathering. Our solid plasters do the following things; they straighten and level the angles and corners of ceiling and wall surfaces, prepare and clean surfaces using mechanical hammers to make them rough, they also mix and apply coats of cement, render, plaster or comparable materials before using trowels to smoothen and level them, they add finishing plaster coats to make sure there is a fine finish, render exterior molds and walls and erect scaffolding.

Plaster spraying; it allows a plaster to skim a dry wall better and faster than when using a hand float to apply. Organic based pre mixed plaster packaged in plastic bags are widely used because the plaster spraying machine does not need to be washed after use. Another advantage of using the pre mixed plaster is that surplus can be reused. A dry wall skimmed with pre mixed plaster can be painted within 24 hours after spraying depending on the ambient temperature and the amount of humidity. There are four types of plastic sprayers namely: pneumatic sprayer, worn drive sprayer, peristaltic pump and piston pump. When the plaster has been sprayed on the wall or on the ceiling, it is laid off using a spatula which is about 40 cm wide.

We supply and apply solid plaster finishes over concrete, brick and lathe surfaces. Our comprehensive plastering services include all type of plaster systems which meet all plastering requirements. For more information about Plaster Pro Guys visit our stores or contact us on 888-214-4817 and we will be glad to help you solve all your plastering needs.

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